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Online Dating: Funny Stories

Learn about several funny & usual stories about how two people met each other on the web.

Story 1

Ivanka from Slovenia always liked beauty and masculinity of Spanish men, combined with goodwill, friendliness, and charm. She thought: “How can you not fall in love with such handsome men as Antonio Banderas, Enrique Iglesias, or Javier Bardem and many other Spanish machos?”. In addition, the Spaniards are passionate lovers and reckless romantics, tenderly loving husbands and caring fathers. They love to fiddle with children, take an active part in their lives.

So the girls registered on the online dating video chat and choose a Spain as a country for a possible fiancé. But she didn’t know the Spanish men put the family above all else. It’s not only mom, dad and children, it’s also cousins ​​with cousins, aunts, uncles, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, grandparents and other numerous relatives. So what was her surprised when on next video sessions she started to chat with the uncle and even grandmother of her new friend. That really added spice and salt to their Internet relations.

Story 2

Here the direct speech of Angelina from New York: “I started dating in social networks before, but did not take them very seriously. Wrote, answered, smiled – that’s all. But on online dating video with John, everything turned out a way different. It’s funny to say, but at first, we discussed the weather. He was then in the Czech Republic, and I complained to him about the winter frost in my city. Communication was very polite & smooth, but he knew how to surprise: he sent his own poems, which, in truth, was on the alert. To me, then, the future husband seemed strange, and I refused to go to a cafe or go for a walk. But a few months later my curiosity got up, and I agreed. Now we are very happy together.”

Story 3

Kate and Alan from the UK met online accidentally. Kate says she absolutely did not believe that she would find such a wonderful person on the Internet. She prefers live communication, so the web chatting with Alan became for her an absolute accident.

Here her record:“I returned home from the club, I did not feel like sleeping, and I decided to “surf” around the Web. I went to a dating site. It turned out that at this time there are very little people. I was going to leave the web  – and here comes a signal from Pasha. I do not exactly remember what was eye contact but in a couple of minutes he said: “You have such a voice … You will necessarily be mine.” I could not believe that it was like that.”

Her how the man recollects the situation: Before meeting with Kate, I have been registered for about a month on one of the dating sites. Actively looking for my “half”, several times chatted with the girls online, but, as a rule, they did not justify my expectations. For various reasons … On the Internet, you can be anyone, but a meeting in real life always puts everything in its place. Alas, I had to be disappointed in people. When I decided to start a session with Kate, it was about five in the morning. At that moment I could not even guess how much this would change my life.

Funny and bright histories with a happy end – aren’t they a proper evidence to try on dating sites?

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