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Widespread mistakes when making a profile on a dating website

How to create a profile on a  website for video dating? How to fill out a questionnaire? What photo is the best for your profile?

So, you like the idea of video dating online free you try to register on the web platform. The first thing you see is an empty application. How you would feel it out highly depends on what your dating experience will be – successful or not.

Here is the list of very common mistakes, try to avoid them:

  • Don’t be chaotic. Try to answer all the questions. Personal data, such as height, weight, eye color, age, place of residence and the like, are needed in order to simplify your search for a future partner. If you leave the questionnaire blank, then hardly anyone will find you at all.
  • Do not pretend to be somebody else. Sooner or later the truth will come up and you will feel ridiculous. Imagine the situation: you described yourself as a chic Hollywood celebrity to quickly attract as much attention as possible And you succeeded, because the bad business is not tricky. You will be bombed on the same day with compliments and proposals. Perhaps you will start a chatting with someone. So far, so good. But suddenly it will come to “goodbye” in real life, what then? You can not appear in your true image, as a possible partner immediately understands that all this time you fooled him. It turns out that you just spent time in the empty. This is insulting, is not it? Therefore, be extremely honest. Distortion of facts about you will lead to nothing good.
  • Don’t upload a vague photo. If you do not have one, then do not be lazy – take a picture with a professional photographer. A profile photo is one of the most important elements, because men like eyes, and women too – remember this. But this does not mean that you have to show some nude parts of the body for greater effect. No! Deep décolleté or ultra-mini will not cause the attention of the serious men. The same sound rules apply to photos of a male audience. Clothing should only advantageously emphasize your figure, but do not denude it. It is also important that your face in the photo was clearly visible. The photo itself must be high resolution.
  • Don’t sound dull. If there are questions in your applications that you need to answer yourself, rather than choose from ready-made answers, try to write comprehensively and creatively. Poor orthography does not contribute to anyone, remember about this.
  • Don’t hide your strengths. When filling out the box about your interests and hobbies, do not put it plainly: “sports, travel”. Try to write more in detail, adding a little positive, for example: “I love active rest, in the summer I play beach volleyball, swim, I like snowboarding in the winter. In the cold evenings, I like to sit with a book in a cozy armchair or watch a good movie on TV. Also, I adore traveling. With pleasure, I would travel around every corner of the globe .. “. Well, and so on in the same manner.

So be creative & sincere and hope only for the best result.

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