How to behave at the first meeting with a guy

How to behave at the first meeting with a guy

Today, acquaintance between a man and a woman in the Internet has become commonplace, and such acquaintances often become the beginning of a serious relationship. There are a lot of fans of this way of meeting and communicating, and there are a lot of examples of both successful and unsuccessful acquaintances and relationships. However, we cannot deny that acquaintance of a man with a woman using the Internet is not worse than a usual meeting on the street or in the subway.

Acquaintance in the Internet

Just as not every person can talk to another on the street and get to know him, so on the Internet, not everyone can successfully find an interlocutor. This is understandable, because the virtual world is deprived of the opportunity to feel a partner. The maximum that you can count on is to read the stranger’s messages and correspond with him.

Recently, video chats have become popular. Now we have the opportunity to see and hear the interlocutor. It is important to understand how your partner reacts to you, to your appearance, to your words and your speech. But, unfortunately, the Internet does not have the opportunity to smell and touch, so you cannot do without a real date.

First date with a guy from the Internet

You communicate for a while with a guy online. You exchange messages and photos, call up by phone and communicate in a video chat. There comes a time when you understand that you cannot do without a personal meeting in order to understand whether you should continue communication or not.

What should be the first meeting? You can define at least two requirements for a first date:

  • The first date should not be long so that no one is tired;
  • The first date should not be long, so that there is a desire to meet again.

The first meeting with a guy does not always take place perfectly and there is nothing to worry about. If you are going on a first date with a guy from the Internet, remember that:

  • conclusions about the guy after the first date are not worth it, because the first impression can be misleading. If a guy is interested in you, then you should meet again to get to know him better. It should be borne in mind that both your boyfriend and you for the first time may feel some embarrassment and awkwardness;
  • the initiator and organizer of the meeting should be a man, and he should consider the place of the meeting. A good option could be a place for a romantic date. However, you should definitely not invite a guy to your home;
  • an important question for a first date is the question of what to wear. On the first date you should not dress ordinary. In addition, your wardrobe should match the place where you meet your boyfriend;
  • on the first date try to smile often, because your smile gives confidence not only to you, but also to your boyfriend;
  • on the first date, talk about any things, the main thing is that you and your boyfriend should be interesting and comfortable. However, do not turn your first date into your monologue.

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