How to choose the right avatar for a chat

How to choose the right avatar for a chat

An avatar in the Internet is not just a cool picture, but how the interlocutors see you. That is why it is worth choosing the photo wisely, because it should reflect the inner world of a person, his attitude.

Among the most common types of avatars are:

· Animals. These avatars are chosen by people who subconsciously want to find in themselves the qualities of the chosen animals, whether it is a wolf, a cat or a dog. By the way, a funny fact, the qualities of the chosen animals are often completely opposite to the real person.

· Nature and landscapes. These avatars are usually chosen by people who do not look for communication.

· Characters of cartoons, series, films or famous people. This is the most common choice of adolescents. They are trying to be what they really are not.

· Own photo. This is the best choice for people seeking communication. By putting your photo on the profile picture, you declare that you are not afraid to appear as who you really are.

By putting your photo on the avatar, you will create a good impression about yourself. But there are other, no less entertaining options that can reflect your qualities in the best possible way.

For example, putting a smiley on the avatar, you will show your positive attitude. But there may be a reverse effect – many people believe that their owners only hide their true emotions behind such a picture. A profile picture with sports equipment on it will tell about your hobbies, etc.

Types of photos for avatars

The most important rule of any shots is that they should be taken by a good camera.

· Full growth – these avatars are chosen by confident people who are not shy about their appearance.

· Extreme – the choice of people with unusual hobbies that they want to share with others.

· With a grimace – funny people. People, who want to get away from real problems put on the avatar these photos, show their positive attitude.

· Selfies are a very popular type of avatar, especially among girls.

Regardless of what type of photo you choose, you should think about such things as location and lighting. Natural light makes better almost any photo. Your appearance is also important. The best option is honest emotions, relaxed posture. The main thing is to reflect the emotions on the face.

Try to smile with your eyes. It is very popular and attracts the other people. Positive energy charges the photo.

You should not choose as an avatar:

· Weapons;

· Cars;

· Packs of money;

· Luxury apartments.

It will only show your pride and not real wealth and power at all. As a rule, influential people avoid showing their status, and they will never choose such an avatar.

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