How a guy should behave on a first date

How a guy should behave on a first date

Many people believe that only girls are nervous before the first date. But this is not true. Young people also have a lot of problems. It is because they do not know how to behave on a date, what to do in order not to make mistakes.

How to behave with a girl?

1. Be active, girls like it. Girls prefer confident guys who can make their own decisions. Of course, you can ask about the preferences of the girl, but the choice of the exact place should be yours. As for the time, here you can do the following: offer her a few days to choose, let her choose the right date.

2. Behave naturally, but confidently and liberally. Girls at a subconscious level are looking for a strong man who can ensure their safety and well-being.

3. Manners is the face of a man. Remember it, behave gallantly and observe rules of communication. Pass the girl forward, open the door in front of her. On the one hand, these are all trifles, and on the other, the girl will be pleased. Well, of course, do not touch too personal topics and leave them for a second date.

4. Remember that you should not be too serious. Girls like a guy’s sense of humor. Try to joke a little more, but it is better to avoid bad humor and vulgar things. Release witty jokes, tell funny stories – laughter infects and makes everything easier.

5. Do not force events. Do not push your companion, talk about plans for the future. Many people believe that girls are pleased to realize that a man sees the future with her. But not on the first date! You can mention plans for the coming days, new meetings, but not potential children. It can only scare the girl away.

6. Take care of your appearance. Your soul mate will appreciate it, and you will be able to feel much more confident. Clean shoes, clothes, combed hair – that is enough.

7. Give the girl flowers. You should not buy a hundred red roses, but a cute and beautiful bouquet will definitely please your soul mate.

It is also very important not to make the following mistakes on your first date:

· Never be late;

· Do not talk about your wealth. Firstly, it will be unpleasant for many girls, and secondly, they can see in you only a source of income;

· Do not talk about your former relationship. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. This rule applies to all dates, not just the first one;

· Do not ask the girl about her ex;

· Do not drink too much alcohol;

· Do not try to hug or kiss a girl without her permission. Touch her only when she gives signs that she does not mind.

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