How to find a friend in a chat

How to find a friend in a chat

There are a huge number of chat users, and all of them are very different. In addition, unlike social networks or dating sites, there is no profile that you can previously study to start communication.

However, the same rules work in chat-roulettes. To find a friend among strangers in the chat, you have to use the same techniques as in real life, only in a slightly different format.

Overcome awkwardness

A chat-roulette is an opportunity to communicate with a complete stranger. But for many people it is embarrassing, despite the fact that communication can be interrupted at any time. In the first minutes, strangers do not know what to talk about, what to ask, so the first conversation may be spoiled.

Know how to keep up the conversation

If you feel that the conversation is not interesting, it is possible your interlocutor just needs a little more time to get to know you and relax. Help him: communicate on neutral topics, maintain a conversation, and show sincere interest in what he says. Perhaps the first awkwardness will pass, and you will find a good friend.

If you yourself feel uncomfortable, try to ask neutral questions, openly answer questions from your interlocutor – so the tension goes away.

Listen to your interlocutor

Listen carefully to what the person is saying. After a short communication, it will already be clear whether to continue virtual communication or not.

Ask questions

Feel free to ask questions about interests, hobbies. First of all, it is pleasant for any person when you show interest: he becomes more open, confident and there is a growing chance of establishing warm friendly relations, which, possibly, will develop into strong friendships in the future.

Secondly, it is valuable information for you: the ability to quickly understand whether this person is suitable as a friend, whether you have something in common that will help you to get closer.

This rule works in both directions: if you are asked about hobbies, try to answer in a detailed and not monosyllabic way – it will help you quickly find common ground.

Some simple rules

A chat-roulette is fast dating and fast communication. In order not to waste time, the interlocutors can interrupt the conversation at any time if something goes wrong. In order not to lose the candidate for friends at the first stage, it is important to observe elementary rules of communication and mutual politeness:

· Follow the rules of communication.

· Use emoticons where appropriate, but do not overdo it.

· Do not get carried away with common phrases.

· Avoid vulgarity.

· Express your thoughts clearly, they must be clear and complete.

· Be polite even when the other person has a different opinion.

You can find friends absolutely everywhere, the main thing is desire and openness to new acquaintances.

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