How to understand a stranger in a chat

How to understand a stranger in a chat

Communicating with a stranger is always exciting and interesting. If the correspondence has been established, but you want to know whether to continue to communicate and spend your time, you need to learn how to be an attentive interlocutor.

Here are some simple ways to understand a stranger in a chat and what to look for in order to know what to expect from communication further.

Manner of communication

This is a significant item that includes many details. If a person speaks dismissively of someone from his environment, it is worth considering: perhaps you will be the next. Politeness, tact – that is what you should pay attention to.

In a chat where you do not know the person you are talking to and you can stop talking at any time, many people do not bother with the elementary rules of etiquette, but if a person still remains polite, then this is his true quality.


If a person has nothing to hide, he directly answers all the questions: he does not answer the question with the question and does not try to avoid the answer, moving the conversation to another topic. To get to know the interlocutor closer, to draw up his portrait is a natural desire when meeting people. A person avoiding it, most likely, just wants to spend time and he is not interested in the further development of correspondence. Or he is hiding something.


If the interlocutor is aimed at communication, relations, he will show interest. If he often loses the thread of conversation, forgets what you told him recently, he is not interested in your mood, hobbies, or affairs, this may mean that he either communicates with a very large number of people and does not concentrate on information, or simply does not interested in communication in general. Most likely, you should not expect something serious from such a stranger.


If the interlocutor is interested in you, then he will openly demonstrate this – ask questions, maintain a conversation, make compliments. However, everything is good in moderation, and even a manifestation of interest. It is impossible to fall in love after a couple of messages, although he claims the opposite. Most likely, he is just lying openly to attract and hold your attention.


People who hide reliable information sometimes talk out, forgetting what they have said before. Remember what the interlocutor says – if you convicted him of fraud, there is no guarantee that everything that you heard before is true. You yourself decide whether to continue to believe such a person.

Be active and attentive to better and faster understand a stranger. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Watch the reactions, the manner of communication, what and how he says.

Communication with people from all over the world online is a very exciting experience, the opportunity to discover a different world of people. Knowledge of the “rules of the game” will make the process more enjoyable, long and promising.

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