How to say to a girl that you love her

How to say to a girl that you love her

 Declaring love is difficult to anyone. It is hard to find words, and it is hard to cope with excitement. Despite this, people of all ages confess their feelings. Every day, boys and girls themselves pronounce words of love or listen to them from their partners. Please read how to prepare for this important moment. So that in the future you recall this act as a pleasant event, consider the following key points.

· Suitable time. Time is very important. A girl should not be busy with any other business. She should not rush and run after meeting you to work. If at the moment your girlfriend is passing the session, declaring love is unlikely to be timely; it will only distract her from studying. There are classic dates for recognition: New Year, Valentine’s Day, March 8, birthday. But it is not necessary to wait for them, you can just predict a period when the girl does not have an emergency at work.

· Perfect location. Imagination immediately draws the beach, evening, palm trees and seagulls. To declare your feelings, you do not have to go to the beach. You can invite a partner to a cafe with a romantic atmosphere, take a boat ride on the lake or go up to the observation comfortable place. And what about those people who do not have a lake, marvellous mountains and cafes? Then create a suitable place yourself. Prepare a romantic dinner at home, go to the museum, turn on a romantic comedy or take a walk in the park and suddenly say how much you love her.

· Prepare a speech in advance. This does not mean that you need to memorize Onegin’s confession to Tatyana by heart and tell at the meeting. Model the whole conversation in advance at home, think what words you want to say. Be sure to give a few compliments – tell her how beautiful, smart, kind and good she is. Avoid jokes, negative intonations and rude expressions. Of course, explain to the girl why she should reciprocate and how she will feel good with you. It is important not to lie and honestly talk about your advantages over others.

· Online recognition. Not the best option, but in modern life, and it takes place. If you live in different cities or are simply afraid to speak directly about love, then be sure to use the Internet. You should not send a picture or a heart. Write a message in advance, check it to be perfect. Only after these actions can you send the text to your beloved one. Do not forget, the significance of the previous paragraphs has not been cancelled. You still need to find the right time and place.

The ability to make a declaration of love online is easier in such chat-roulettes as Omegle and Chatroulette. Well, if you are going to say ‘I love you’ in real life, we sincerely hope that our advice will help you. Your beloved one will say the same thing to make both of you be happy. Perhaps the relationship will go so far that you will get married and live happily ever after.

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