Topics that should be avoided in communication with men

Topics that should be avoided in communication with men

Finding a common language with people is a true art. There are lucky people who are naturally communicative, who won’t get into a pocket, but there are also many who frantically try to think through suitable topics for keeping the conversation small. The issue of communication between men and women deserves special attention.

Sometimes it is not so easy to find common ground and direct the conversation in the right direction. It is doubly problematic for women: they are usually more emotional and not always able to control the flow of their thoughts, and, therefore, words. This state of affairs inevitably leads to difficulties and misunderstandings between the parties. Consider an arbitrary list of topics whose discussion it is advisable to avoid when communicating with a man.

Comparison and discussion of other men

It will be better for everyone if the conversation about ex never takes place. Obviously, if you allow yourself to negatively comment on the personal characteristics of any of your former partner, then the interlocutor may have a quite natural feeling: one day they will speak about his person in the most disgusting way.

Including an unpleasant situation is inevitable, if on the contrary you start giving compliments your former partner – this may lead to the idea that you are still feel something and remember him.

Everything about family

Remember: never, under any circumstances, speak badly about the family members of your interlocutor. Even if it suddenly turns out that his relatives have unbearably terrible habits, and his lifestyle absolutely does not fit into your usual picture of the world.

In addition, it is not necessary to inform a man that all his acquaintances are boring and uninteresting to you. Be prudent, keep your subjective opinion to yourself and do not cross this thin line between “good” and bad”.

Appearance of the interlocutor and his hobby

Comment on the appearance of the interlocutor must be extremely careful. Especially this item becomes relevant if the situation really requires serious changes. Keep in mind: basically all men are sensitive to any criticism regarding appearance in their address.

An important point is the discussion of your favorite hobby. If a man shares with you details about his pastime in any occupation that seems to you a waste of time, do not rush to break his wings off – everyone has the right to small oddities.

Never question your appeal

There are no people with perfect looks: the majority, one way or another, have their own shortcomings. However, you should not focus on them and even more so you cannot discuss this when talking with a man. Perhaps without unnecessary comments he will never notice your shortcomings, but if he did, he is hardly interested in talking about this at all. Often men speak out not in favor of such conversations: they literally do not know how to react to such conversations and what exactly to answer in such cases.

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