Communication in Shagle

Communication in Shagle

Shagle is a famous video chat used by people from all over the world. It will help you find a soulmate, make best friend, share knowledge or interests with other people, and also practice your knowledge of a spoken foreign language. The site brings together thousands of people who are not familiar with each other.

A significant advantage of the resource is that it can be used as a mobile application, and not only through a browser. To use the video chat, you do not need to pay.


Developments when creating the resource set themselves the goal of developing an ideal application for easy use. It has many features that are available to every user absolutely free.

Main characteristics:

1. You can start communication instantly: you do not need to register, just go to the site or download the application, and then press the “start” button.

2. A video camera is required for communication, as the conversation takes place in video format.

3. Advanced filter works: you can set filtering by gender, location, language, or even depending on the interests of users.

4. Communication with complete anonymity is possible. Users do not have to provide any information about themselves. This approach allows you to maximally secure communication.

5. Users are able to send virtual gifts to other people.

Using the resource allows you to communicate with people from all over the world. Currently you can choose from over 70 countries. Therefore, Shagle is considered a good alternative to Omegle.

Application benefits

Communication with other people is carried out randomly, that is, you cannot predict who will be caught next. To start a conversation, just press the start button and give the necessary permissions to access the camera and the microphone.

Downloading videos is done in a matter of seconds, which is a significant advantage over most other video chats. In addition, you can set a flag, according to which you will be able to communicate with people from different countries, and not with users from any one country.

The chat is completely anonymous and secure. The administration adheres to the data privacy policy. You do not have to worry about someone getting personal information without your knowledge. But do not forget that you should not disclose information about yourself to unfamiliar people.

How to start chatting in Shagle

After you clicked on the “start” button, the video will start and a chat with the user will begin. In order to set up the conversation in the right way, it is worth asking a few neutral questions. As practice shows, it is not worth mentioning religion, politics, morality and gender characteristics, as well as talking about sex at the initial stages of communication. This approach can push the person away.

In order to stop communicating with users, you need to press the “next” button. Another person will be chosen randomly.

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