Best 5 questions for a strange girl

Best 5 questions for a strange girl

Communication with a beautiful stranger is your opportunity to find a soulmate or just enjoy a subtle and interesting conversation on various topics. What can you ask a strange girl in an online chat to interest her, charm her with your courtesy and intelligence? We give useful recommendations.

What is your happiest childhood memory?

Most people love the memories of this carefree time of life, so the girl will not mind to be nostalgic and tell you about the most pleasant and unusual memories. In addition, with this method, you will have the opportunity to get to know the lady better, because it is from childhood that our character and attitude to life begins to form. Please note: if the girl does not want to expand on this topic, do not insist: perhaps her childhood was not entirely successful or even traumatic.

What is your favorite animal?

Women love pets and will be happy to discuss with you all the facets of their charm. Try to get the girl to answer the question in as much detail as possible, complete the conversation with an interesting story about your pets, share the features of caring for them. You will see that a nice and casual conversation can last for hours!

What is the most unusual gift you were given?

This is another rather pleasant and harmless question, because all girls just love gifts. Make her think of a few unusual and desirable gifts that the lady was happy to receive. Thanks to this, you are guaranteed to make her smile, in addition, this information will help you learn about the tastes of a stranger. Take a closer look at the girl’s behavior: if she talks only about expensive gifts and does not pay attention to cute pleasant things, perhaps she is interested only in material gain.

What book did you read that impressed you?

This is a good test of erudition: to understand how often a girl reads and learns something new, ask her to tell you about her favorite book. If you are looking for a really educated person, this question will help to weed out those who have read only a few romance novels in their life. By the way, later you can discuss what you read and share your favorite books, learn from each other interesting ideas for reading.

What is your favorite dish?

Conversations about delicious food can go on endlessly. It is quite possible that the girl knows how to cook well and can share with you some interesting recipes. If the lady prefers to act as a food taster, discuss with her the most favorite dishes from different countries. Such a conversation will be especially exciting between representatives of different countries – you can tell each other about the national characteristics of your cuisine.

These are the five most interesting questions that it would be appropriate to ask a strange girl in the chat. Later, when you get to know each other better, you will be able to ask more personal questions that will help you understand whether the lady is interested in a romantic relationship, and how it will develop.

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